What better way to enjoy the good things in life than by sharing our handmade treats with the people you care about.
On-Going Promotions

Free Whoopie Pie Week!
Date: TBD
To be announced once we reach 10,000 likes on fb
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Event Packages 


6 Sweetie Pies and
6 Cupcakes (mixed)

Sweet Set
12 Red Velvet Mini Cupcakes and 
12 Cakepops (4 Strawberry, 4 Birthday Cake, and 4 Dark Chocolate)

Food Truckin' Collection
12 Sweetie Pies, 
12 Cakepops (4 Strawberry, 4 Birthday Cake, & 4 Dark Chocolate) and 
12 Cupcakes (3 Strawberry, 3 Red Velvet, 3 Black & White, & 3 Birthday Cake)

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