You asked.  We answered.
Where is Sweet Ride located?  I can't seem to find the address to the bakery in any searches!

Sweet Ride operates as a mobile dessert truck and does not have a brick and mortar location. (Although, we would love to open up a small bakery sometime in the future!)  If you are looking to pick up a quick bite to satisfy your sweet tooth, check out our weekly schedule to find Sweet Ride on the road.  If we aren't at a stop near you, use our online ordering system to get treats delivered to your door!

When will I get my receipt?  I submitted my order a few hours ago and I still have not heard anything back from Sweet Ride.
No worries!  We haven't forgotten about you, promise!  We are a new company and still are working our regular day jobs.  We respond to the majority of emails etc in the evenings.  Online orders are also processed in one big batch in the evenings.  (We are doing our research to find the best provider to automatically process online orders.)  It may take up to three business days before you receive your invoice/receipt.  If you have any concerns regarding your order, please email us at

What is a whoopie pie?  I've never heard of them before.

Think of it like a cupcake sandwich…..two delectable cupcake cookies with yummy cupcake frosting in the middle.  Now that is a treat you won't forget!

Does the truck only accept cash?  I never carry cash in my wallet!
No!  Sweet Ride is a modern type city truck who accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.  We are environmentally friendly too!  Instead of printing out a receipt that you'll most likely throw away, we can email or text it to you.  :)  

Sweet Ride never comes to my area!  How can I suggest a stop so I can finally taste your cupcakes?
We have been up and running since the beginning of 2011 so don't worry we probably just haven't gotten to your area yet.  We love to hear from our fans! So let us know where you would like us to go on facebook and/or twitter.  The more specific the better! 

It doesn't matter if Sweet Ride is in my area, work keeps me tied to my desk! /'s too hard to gather all my kids and find Sweet Ride's stops! / .....I always seem to just miss the truck!
Never fear!  We deliver!  Ordering online is easy.  Order today and we will deliver your treats to you tomorrow!  It's that simple.

Do you come to the suburbs at all?  I don't make it to the city that often but I've been dying to try your treats!
Yes!  We began visiting some suburbs in Spring 2011.  (We usually go out there on Saturdays.)  We  continuously are working on the permitting process for suburbs all around Chicago.  To find out which 'burb we will be at this weekend follow us on facebook and twitter!  (We deliver to the suburbs too!)

Do you have any gluten free or vegan treats?
We do!  Gluten free or vegan whoopie pies are available only by the dozen and must pre-ordered online.  Check the box for custom orders and a Sweet Ride representative will contact you to find out your specific needs.   Unfortunately, demand is not yet high enough for us to sell gluten free or vegan products on the truck :( 

I have a nut allergy.  Can I order nut free products?
We bake all of our treats at a shared licensed commercial kitchen.  Unfortunately due to the shared nature of the kitchen, we cannot guarantee that the baking equipment we use is nut-free.  We hope one day to offer nut-free treats to our customers.

Where do I go to pick up my order?
If you chose the pick up option on the order form, your order will be available for pick up from 8 am to noon at 324 N Leavitt St, Chicago IL.  Click Here for a map to the Pick-Up location.  (Remember: Order by noon today and your treats will be ready the following day.) 

I won't be able to pick up my order until after noon.  Where do I go then? 
We recommend choosing the delivery option.  Sweet Ride starts to hit the streets around noon and our staff leaves the kitchen around that same time.  (Please don't forget to tip the driver!)  If you would still like to pick up your order after noon, we will put it on the truck with us and you can pick it up at one of our stops.  But this is tricky as our schedule varies from day to day and it is difficult for us to let you know ahead of time where exactly we will be.

Do you actually bake on the truck?
No.  We bake and package our treats in a licensed commercial kitchen.  Every item you find on the truck will be pre-packaged and ready to eat.  Yum!  (Currently, Chicago food ordinances do not allow cooking on-site for food trucks.)
Why aren't all the favors available for the mixed cupcake boxes?
Since we are a new bakery, we are not yet at the production level where we bake every flavor every day.  In the meantime, please choose from our top flavors provided on the order form.  We promise you won't be disappointed with what you get :)  

I loooove your truck!  Do you ever rent it out for private events / social gatherings?
We love her too!  She is our little baby!  We would love to take her to your next social gathering.  Fill out the Private Event inquiry form and we can give you details on pricing for private events.  We do cupcake catering with an additional charge if you want to rent the truck.  

Is Sweet Ride hiring?
We are always looking for new fresh talent to join our Sweet Ride family!  Please email with your resume and a short paragraph telling us why you would be the perfect addition :)  Because of the volume of emails, we will only reply to qualified applicants that meet our current needs.  We look forward to hearing from you!


We are continuously adding answers to FAQs.  If there is any question that is not answered on this page please email us at